Once upon a time, the three musicians Ramón Pfeiffer (keyboards), Bastian Seidensticker (shouts) and Alexandros Stylianides (guitar) flew out of their old band in a high arc. Instead of burying their heads in the sand, the positions on bass and mic are filled by Martha Wingen and first songs of various metal styles and elements are composed. But besides music, the four introverted dwarfs are united by their love of all things nerdy. From Star Wars, Pen and Paper, Magic, all video and board games as well as all conceivable subculture references, Horizis have completely dedicated themselves to nerddom. After Daniel Pals, a music and math whiz, takes over the drums, the first album “Heavy Lies the Crown” was released on St. Nicholas 2019 and within no time reached 8,000 streams on Spotify. Quickly, the social media channels also pick up speed, so that on Instagram alone over 2,000 fans follow the machinations of the nerds. Subsequently, two new additions rhythm guitarist Christian Fileti and lead guitarist Gianni Di Biase, who are in no way inferior to the rest of the band in terms of nerddom – the core of the band meme culture remains in a state of emergency. In over 30 presence concerts and livestreams, Horizis inspire their audience with unexpected extroversion that encourages even the most unassuming nerd in the audience to move. Through the identification of other nerds with the members of the band, Horizis have been able to gather around 3,500 followers on social media to date and entertain their fans with hilarious nerd references on their social media channels.
After the single “Oceans” released in 2020, Horizis release a Christmas song of a different kind on Dec. 18. Instead of Bastian’s brute screams, Martha’s angel-clear voice is in the foreground here, accompanied by piano and orchestra. The song “All those Moments” is a metal ballad for all metal and rock fans who like bands like Nightwish, Epica and Within Temptation.

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