Six nerds writing songs about nerdy topics including games, Magic cards, D&D, Zelda and lore in general, earning them the fitting genre of “nerd metal”. The band creates modern metal for the social media age, blending epic heavy metal riffs, thrilling orchestral sounds, brutal breakdowns, and energizing electro and trance elements. The vocals range from mezzo-soprano to powerful screams, shouts, and growls, making for a unique and diverse sound. Live they engage the crowd with their signature inflatable d20 and other shenanigans.


Horizis has released a love hymn to Dungeons and Dragons, the beloved pen-and-paper game of nerds worldwide. The song celebrates the escape from reality that the game provides, while also including all the classic tropes of the game. Musically, the song combines elements of melodic death metal with the band’s signature blend of orchestra and mezzo-soprano vocals. The high tempo and driving riffs, along with the accentuated keyboard, bring to mind the sounds of Suidakra and early Ex Deo. You can find the song, lyrics, and video on YouTube and all major streaming platforms.


As a nerd metal band, Horizis were super happy to hear about the new The Legend of Zelda “Tears of the Kingdom” game coming out. They asked their nerd fans if they would love a Zelda metal song and what references should be in it. Receiving lots of input, they went straight ahead and created the song “Hero of Time” packed with memorable, funny, and nostalgic sounds and lyrics. This song will bring joy to all metal fans who love Zelda, its iconic soundtrack, orchestra, and of course the ocarina.

Future plans for their first album include topics ranging from Attack on Titan, Alien, and Magic the Gathering.