Six different characters take their music seriously but not themselves. Horizis make modern metal for the social media age and write songs with a fusion of epic heavy metal riffs,  thrilling orchestral sounds, brutal breakdowns and rousing electro and trance parts. This unusual mixture is rounded off by a combination of mezzo-soprano vocals, powerful screams, shouts and growls. Covering topics from  Magic cards, Star Wars Lego to D&D – the only plausible genre remains: “Nerd Metal”

NEW SINGLE oUT 05.11.21

Dungeons and Dragons is arguably the most popular pen-and-paper game of nerds worldwide. Horizis have written an energetic love hymn between fantasy, fiction and the escape from reality, including all the clichés of the game. Musically, the song leans towards melodic death metal but retains their typical variety between orchestra and mezzo-soprano vocals. The high tempo, the driving riffs and the accentuated keyboard are remotely reminiscent of Suidakra, early Ex Deo. Video, song and lyrics are already available on the band’s getnext profile.